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Our aangine™ product solves all the master planning issues that come with traditional bottom up and manual project planning processes. aangine™ is designed to automate capacity management, demand collection and prioritization. aangine™ Planner can simulate multiple planning scenarios with impact analysis. It is a complete master planning tool which is integrated with all major project planning solutions.


  • Eliminate future resource conflicts on portfolio level.

  • Increase your project planning bandwidth.

  • Increase your project delivery bandwidth.

  • More project benefits delivered in time and in budget.

  • Cut time and effort every time you plan your portfolio.

  • Get more outcomes from existing skills and capacity of your teams.


  • Automate Portfolio Planning cycles.

  • Aangine will present you with the ideal roadmap in every scenario to deliver demands and projects successfuly.

  • Predict the capacity available for projects in the next 12 months to 3 years.

  • Automatically estimate the effort required to deliver projects and ideas.

  • Compare different scenarios to chose the most beneficial and realistic one.

  • Baseline your roadmap and anytime in future compare it against the actual progress.

  • Available On Premise and from the Cloud.

Business Challenges

Your business demands you to deliver lots of projects. Usually, it’s more than you can handle. Thus you need to prioritize. Yes, you need to prioritize to your budget, but that’s the easy part – money is only one dimension and adds up linearly. But how do you decide where to invest your organization’s resources? They make up a complex matrix of roles, skills, and their availability for projects constantly changes over time.

Which project should start first, second, third? How do you secure the right skills and capacity for each project, if their start dates are not aligned on a Portfolio-level?

Can you discuss with the business the optimal start and finish dates of their projects, presenting the facts about availability of resources in future? Can you discuss the dependency in between the projects on a resource level?

Instead the planning teams take compromises while planning. They produce the Portfolio Plan manually.

They use their hunch, their spreadsheets, all manual and hard work, subject to many
errors and misunderstandings.

The result?

Projects are late.

Company loses time.

And money.

Managers compete for skills and resources.

Business gets less

projects through.

Solution Overview

Aangine is a new solution that enables you to plan portfolio of your projects automatically. It becomes an important member of your annual planning process, and assist you continuously during the year to compare the plan against the progress, deciding on the next changes to make in portfolio.

With Aangine, you can realistically estimate the total effort of projects and ideas that are required by the business, you get a comforting grip on what your company resource-pools capacity for projects is like, so that you can then automatically turn the two sides of the equation into project roadmap that anyone can commit to.

ESTIMATE your future
resource-pools capacity

Disrupting the traditional bottom-up approach, Aangine allows you to model your resource capacity starting from the top. As needed and always missing in other approaches to capacity planning, with Aangine you can accommodate your hiring plans and expected seasonal decreases in effectiveness.

The level of details provided as per capacity plans is flexible – Aangine works great using just high-level data, but also benefits from having a very granular level of detail where needed for a role.

Capacity plan can be dynamically tailored during the planning sessions. As you start changing your assumptions on capacity of different resources, both in-house pools and outsourced, the capacity estimates recalculate automatically. That is a unique flexibility given to the planning teams by Aangine.

Automate effort & Duration ESTIMATIONS TO DELIVER projects

As the Project Requests come into the Portfolio, only high-level information is available. The early step following the business prioritization is an estimate of time and effort needed to deliver.

How do you estimate that? Is it manual and quite subjective? Do you end up with a various quality of each estimate?

Aangine is ready to automate this for you.

Once you bring into Aangine all your business demand, the system automatically estimates the effort and duration needed to deliver. Aangine’s estimating engine combines industry best practices with your very own estimation rules and experience – all consolidated in a single plan leveraging templates, estimation and
planning rules.

This approach not only saves tremendous effort and time involved in preparation for planning, but also enables the Portfolio Planning team to bring their estimations to a perfection.

Portfolio Planning. Experience-based and automated.

This is where the true heavy lifting happens on your behalf. Aangine takes away from you the effort and frustration related to manual planning, where misunderstanding and errors are natural part of it.

Instead you are in the driving seat of Scenario Planning, and see the difference in impact of those scenarios and their respective roadmaps.

The roadmap calculated by Aangine will always be the most ideal and realistic plan to deliver all projects based on predicted capacity and estimated effort, considering the business priority as the main criteria.

As a result the leadership team can rely on such roadmap to see projects being delivered successfully.

You Need options THE POWER OF SCENARIO Planning

Aangine makes a complex task of scenario planning simple and fast. Thus stakeholders have more time to engage in strategic discussions.

The base of Scenario Planning is a good understanding of capacity available for projects, and the effort needed to actually deliver anticipated new demand. For planning purposes, it has been proven over and over again, that even a high-level experience-based estimates are accurate enough to produce a roadmap which assures successful delivery.

And now more about scenarios. With Aangine, you can create different scenarios based on new assumptions in a matter of minutes. And see the projected impact in a form of a roadmap and value creation map instantly. Creating scenarios on the spot, in the team, in a collaborative way, changes the way stakeholders engage. Before any planning meeting, Aangine helps every stakeholder to get ready in a fraction of time than before.