3 Steps to Automate Annual Project Portfolio Planning How to Finish Annual Project Roadmap in Weeks Not Months?

By September 18, 2018 No Comments

Annual project planning depends on spreadsheets heavily.

This is how an application Aangine ( automates the planning through 3 straight-forward steps.

Step 1. Pre-plan new demand automatically

Most of the new projects can be pre-planned automatically, leveraging methodology templates entered into the tool.

It is then sufficient enough to provide a high-level estimation of the effort to deliver and identify the project type, the application can then automatically plan all new projects at once. It is not 100% accurate initially, but it is fast and allows the planning teams to get to the first version of the roadmap immediately.

Step 2. Understand your capacity available to projects into a top-down planning structure

To plan automatically, we need to understand the capacity available to the projects. That includes the existing teams but also hiring and attrition plans.

The application needs to be flexible enough to allow updates easily during the planning as the new organizational structure is being discussed and as different What-If questions are asked.

Step 3. Realtime Scenario Planning – plan the whole roadmap on a single-button click

Yes, such Magic Planning button does exist. It leverages the planning engine, which calculates the right start date of each project based on its priority, available resources and several other criteria.

The other criteria include:

  • Can some of the projects finish after the planning horizon?
  • Are any resource teams ‘unique in skills and capacity’ so they can’t be over-allocated?
  • What is the acceptable amount of overallocation?

Aangine’s automated approach to planning performs exceptionally well calculating the annual roadmap because it uses just the right information required for top-down planning: consistent quality of project data, the actual capacity of the teams together with hiring and attrition plans.

You may be sceptical and have questions. Please, get in touch via LinkedIn message or via Let us show you the Automated Portfolio Planning in action!